820 days since you chose to DRAIN THE SWAMP!
Day 10 of April


Really ask, who is spying on you today and why are we okay with that? FBI? CIA? NSA? DIA? NRO? INR? TFI? Who?

And if you are one of those who says, "I don't care, I have nothing to hide," you are a liar. It is simply because you are a coward or a sniveling idiot -- though most probably both.

We have enslaved ourselves. We can change this situation...

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An absurd mental escape: Captain Forehead (Good luck!)

Day 27 of February

Idea Arena

In the idea arena, if you have to resort to censorship it is because your idea has fallen on its merits. Don't perpetuate bad ideas, instead consider promulgating ideas that win the day. In all likelihood, if you see censorship as your friend it is because your ideas suck, you suck. DO NOT CENSOR!

Facebook Whistleblower Reveals "Routine Supression" Of Conservative Content

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Day 23 of January

FBI Wants YOU to Want Them

They are whining that you are not demanding more government now!

FBI Agents Complain That Shutdown Is Hampering Sex Trafficking, Gang Investigations

The real complaint is from American citizens: Bloat be gone.

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Day 21 of January

FBI Should be Gone

The three letter agencies watching us to make sure we are good citizens should be gone. They are the deep state. Discussing the FBI's abhorrent behaviour: Shocking Admission By FBI Veteran Shows Why The FBI Shouldn’t Exist

Unless you are okay with your government targeting citizens, consider that are not protecting you but trying to frighten you into believing in a world where your every breath depends upon them.

Defund 3s.

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Day 18 of January

I Spy...

Do you live in a free country?

You think so?

Then why so many spy agencies?

We have a problem...

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Day 30 of September


The absurdity in Washington eloquently described:

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Day 20 of September

Socialism is for the DUMB

Here is one of the USA advocates of socialism trying to answer a simple question, which was apparently too complex for her to understand:

(She really studied economics? Education these days... Is this simple a desire for a good job from a failed businesswoman?)

Do not forget, this is playing out in Venezuela.

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Day 21 of August

Remember Socialism -> Communism Does Not Work

Unless you are one of those running the show.

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Day 21 of January


All of those looking for more government control of their lives seem to be ignoring what has been going on for some time in Venezuela. Why? Because truth hurts the narrative.

Slithering Sanders foisted Venezuela as a role model, until the consequences of their actions became too apparent.

Venezuela is a mirror for those who want more power centralized, but they would have to look up from their devices long enough to see what is really happening in the world to entertain such thoughts. And those who do truly fight for freedom, not for power over the people but of the people? They are killed...in Venezuela. In America? It's up for debate.

Socialism is only entertained by the blissfully ignorant and the power hungry who see opportunity, for who else covets such evil.

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Day 11 of December

Trump Will Be Blamed

The insanity that is Bitcoin and the central bank induced bubble will pop, and Trump will get blamed. It will not be his fault, but that is clearly not relevant at this point. This bubble is EPIC!

Entertainment of the Rise and Fall

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Day 17 of October


Understand this and you understand the swamp: FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow

Understand the swamp and you know why it must be drained, unless you are a swamp creature.

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Day 22 of September

White Privilege Privilege

When you see white people talking about their white privilege, pay attention.

What people claiming privilege want you to see is their virtue signaling. What they are affirmatively displaying is their sense of superiority. By attaching guilt to it, they are stating that you cannot blame them, but they do want you to recognize their perceived privileged position, just as they recognize such.

White privilege perspective is sophisticated racism. If someone believes they have an advantage because of their skin color and are telling you so, pay attention, because they are attaching themselves to what they believe to be a superior group, asking you not to judge them as a lacking individual, but as a member of a group they deem superior.

What does the KKK say about whites? They are superior.
What do those who claim white privilege say about whites? They are the privileged ones.

The left is simply modernizing their ways, still saying the same thing they said when the KKK started.

Distrust anyone who does not want you to see them as an individual but a member of a group...anyone.

We are all individuals.
You are all individuals.
Each should be judged as such, and is at the end of the day.

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Day 20 of September

Pay Attention

We could not understand why so few recognized or cared about what went on with Sharyl Attkisson, but we hope the swamp drainers do now: It looks like Obama did spy on Trump, just as he apparently did to me

If we do not drain the swamp, the entire country becomes swampland.

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Day 31 of August

Government Wins!

When one looks at which party to blame, they do not look at the politicians and the subversive workers within the deep state. When we attack one another, we are unable to see bureaucracy on the sidelines cheering on their growth and power.

Stop. Look at what is going on behind the scenes. Too many people are invested in the status quo of a malfunctioning bloated government. Yes, most will be followers, but some need to be pointers. Even though most noticeable are the soft skinbags headed toward you with assault in mind, the ones pulling the strings and growing in power from the chaos MUST be observed and held accountable.

When the government wins, the governed lose. Government should fear the people, not the people fearing the government. Stop embracing fear.

Have you been paying attention to Venezuela? The people cannot get their country back, the country stolen from them by those governing with promises of largesse for all while ensuring their own largesse.

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Day 29 of August


Why are statues under assault?

Simple. Statues are relics of the past, predominantly representing the dead. When you engage in a battle, would it not be an easier battle if your opponent was dead? And as most are indifferent to such statues, the attackers can feel a sense of significance and purpose when an inanimate object has been vanquished.

Who has the time for this kind of BS...unless they are being paid for such activities...

All of this is for one purpose. The left is trying to intimidate the country. If they do not get their leaders of choice, there will be no peace. Are you intimidated? Are you frightened by their assault on inanimate objects, their signs, their masks? Intimidation tactics call for those resolute to take a stand.

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