Yeah, We’re That Stupid

Democrats pick a veep candidate because women think he’s cute. (Apparently it is not only ethnic minorities Democrats deem light upstairs, but women too.)

Sandy Berger “accidentally” steals papers damaging to him and his administration, and then accidentally destroys the most damaging information. Sure, we believe that, just as we believed Hilary could not find those papers in her office. Yeah, the law has nothing on those above the law.

And for those wondering how well the Republicans are playing their Clear Politics, the party with the president who believes in less government are trying to acquire additional funding for drug testing in high school. What about the limited role of the federal government? The role of the state? The role of parents? What about a lot questions, but apparently they are pandering those who wish to impose their morality on all, regardless of their supposed philosophical believe in the role of the feds.

Children, can we all spell Clear Politics?

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