"New" Republicans (Remocrats)

California's "Republican" Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is one of those "new" (R)epublicans loved by (D)emocrats. Here is why:

California state government spent $145 billion last fiscal year, $41 billion more than four years ago when Gov. Gray Davis got recalled by voters. With all that new spending -- a whopping 40% increase -- we ought to be in a golden age of government with abundant public services for all.

While California struggles with its budget as so many Californian's have seen much of their net worth destroyed, what does Schwarzenegger suggest to bridge the gap in the shortfall in California's massive budget? A huge increase in California's already high sales tax; an increase of more than 10%!

Now, it is California's fault that they have elected an actor who is a poser and not a leader as governor, a male who needs approval from a mass audience and knows how to play to an audience, but why do all Californians have to pay for the ignorance of the many? And is there any "real" libertarian minded Republicans in this "progressive" state?

BTW: The California legislature that can find nothing to cut in its bloated budget is considering a 25 cent tax on every plastic bag at the grocery store.

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S Adams wrote:

Schwarzenegger is being led around by the nose by the Kennedy's. I had great respect for him and all he has accomplished, but I've always wondered how long it would take for them to get to him. His policies are starting to mirror Ted's!
08/06/08 22:22:07

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