Kabooooom! Obama Self-destructs!

In his first major decision, Barack Obama has picked Joe Biden as his potential vice-president. Yes, this is the same nasty, partisan hack that has had multiple poorly received runs for president over the last 20 years. Die hard kool-aid drinking (D)emocrats love Biden, but didn't Obama already have their vote.

The race is now McCain's to lose...don't sell him short, he could find a way.

Joe Biden? This is the best Barack Obama could do in his campaign of "a new kind of politics"?

Joe Biden?

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clearpolitics wrote:

Amazing. Listen to the Democrats. They are thrilled with Biden because he makes up for Barack Obama's lack of experience. They are actually admitting that he does not have the experience for the job but it is okay because now he has Biden? These are the same people that hated Dick Cheney and now they want their own version?

If you wait for the (D)emocrats to make sense you will die of old age... They are making Hillary look really good right now.
08/23/08 02:10:33

Pat Maboot wrote:


Given that O'Bama can't speak without a teleprompter and Biden can't write his own speeches..Shouldn't this be called this the Wizard of Oz ticket?

O'Bama says he'll bring change. Is this like change in a jar on your dresser? Give us substance!
08/23/08 12:14:30

GO OBAMA! wrote:

Keeping drinking your right wing babble and you will likely end up jobless you idiots!

Mccain cant text or use the internet and dosen't even know how many houses he owns.
We don't need another bush!!!
08/23/08 18:50:15

S Adams wrote:

I think it's great that Obama picked Biden. Biden has diarrea of the mouth, plagerized his BIOGRAPHY speech in his bid for pres in 1988 and withdrew from the race in shame. He also lied about his education at Syracuse Law. He got an F in English for plagerizing a paper, got an F in ROTC, made all C's and D's, (made an A in phys ed) and stated in a resume that he graduated top of his class (was 76 out of 85), rec'd 3 degrees, (only earned 1) and said he rec'd a full scholarship, (didn't get one at all). Then he likes to tell people he has a higher IQ than anyone else. I'm wondering, not whose going to win the election (they just handed it to McCain) but who has the biggest ego & most arrogancy between Biden and Obama. It's a toss up.
Oh and Go Obama--the texting was lame and was a scam to get more $$ from you stupid fools. Everyone found out before the Obamanites did. McCain's wife owns homes that are in trust and relatives live in them. (Same deal with Kerry's wife) It's a non-issue. At least McCain and his wife take care of their relatives, unlike Obama who can't send $$ to his brother living in a hut in Kenya on $1 a month.
08/24/08 01:15:58

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