Full Pants

There was an eloquent article prepared, but the notes are lost. The socks have been checked. The pants have been checked. Still, the notes are unaccounted for. Where could they have been placed?

Remember way back when, when the slogan Character Matters was used to let people know that more was expected of President Clinton. Well, Sandy Berger works worked for Kerry, and he is who he has always been, and that is what Kerry wanted. Character does count, it matters, and who you choose to associate with says a great deal about you. Yes, it is true, and there is no way of getting around this truth, even with a lie.

Who has the power, the Philippine government or the terrorists? Easy answer, as the terrorists said get out or we will behead our hostage, and the Philippine government pulled out prematurely. (Hmmm, no wonder the Philippines are having problems with terrorists at home.) If they paid cash also, we're talking real problems ahead for the poor islands.

Go Lance! (Shocking that the French would be spitting on an American super-champion.)

Let me check my pants one more time… Found something big… wait…

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