So Brilliant

Brilliance is the beauty of a pompous party, and without a doubt it is the Dems that are shining bright. Complaining that the Republicans are the party of wealth, their pockets grow fat to throw another party, to win at any cost. Why, one ponders. Because their ideas are so good, so far ahead of their time, so necessary, so intellectually superior that the must regain power at all costs? Even a lie here or there.

For those out there who have read a million words or so in their life, you understand that reason is something solid, something that can win a debate, win the minds of others, but if you canít grasp reason, you must have followers, true believers, as all religions must. Found in any party, the fact of the matter is true believers do not care whether they are lied to or not, as their brains are used for little more than spacing their plugged ears. Win! Win! Win! Lie, cheat, steal, whatever it takes, as itís too important that we win for anything to get in the way.

Reason is beautiful, but you have a choice. You are a follower of reason, or a follower of political religion. You choose. Most go the political religion route, so that they do not have to acknowledge the character of those they follow. Yes, reason can be a difficult argument when your opponents lie, but truth wins the day. It always does. At times, it just takes awhile. (History judges fairly accurately, which does not bode well for a recent administration, no matter how hard they try to write the text.)

Clear Politics? Anything for the cause, right? How good is an argument when truth is the first victim?

For those who think their choice is limited to Bush or Kerry, as yourself a very simple question: If Kerry and Bush each ran their own security companies, whose would you hire to secure your premises? Who would you trust to watch your home? And if something happened while you were away, who would you trust to give you an honest answer as to happened on their watch?

If you are like most and of political religious persuasion, you need only ask one question with your hollow head: Whereís the ballot?

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