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Not long ago we suggested that Barack Obama is the closest candidate to an extension of the Bush Administration. Do you need anymore than a watching of the current events to see how clearly the (D) demarcation follows the name of George W. Bush?

There are those in Washington who have decided that the market correcting itself naturally is anathema to their goal, which appears to be government control. Who are those in Washington, working together to undermine the capitalism and reward cronyism? The George W. Bush administration and the (D)emocrats. Throwing ungodly amounts of money at a "problem" that should naturally occur is not the role of government, but it is a sure path to a weakening of the financial underpinnings of capitalism from which the foundation of the United States of America has been established.

Crony capitalism allows the ruling class to help their wealthy friends. Who works to support this type of relationship? Barack Obama, congressional (D)emocrats and the administration of George W. Bush.

As Barack Obama said, we do not need an extension of the George W. Bush administration, so we do not need Barack Obama as president. We do not need crony capitalism.

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Thinker wrote:

Thank you so very much for setting the record straight. Obama is clearly connected to the Bush administration with this bailout. I am an independent thinker 67 years of age We do not need Obama attempting to run our country. He has no substance. We must elect our President on experience not on charisma and being able to constantly rattle. That should be very clear in the debate last night. He could not wait his turn, always interrupting.
09/27/08 13:33:40

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