What a week, not a damn thing happened. Remember, it would have been a good week to take a vacation, but there is no reason the weekend cannot be enjoyed, after a bit of reminiscing.

What I learnt this week:

- John Kerry is a war hero?
- John Kerry is strong on defense.
- John Kerry is a war hero.
- John Kerry loves the flag.
- John Kerry is a war hero.
- John Kerry is strong on national security.
- John Kerry is a war hero.
- John Kerry is a fiscal conservative.
- John Kerry is a war hero. (Is one really still considered a war hero if 2 of the 3 Purple Hearts he earned were from self-inflicted wounds?)
- John Kerry is a Republican, which is good because when it comes to fiscal conservancy, Bush is not.

Wait, that is what was learnt from John Kerry’s speech. So, if we did not know the stances he has taken over the years, we would say “Yeah,” but we know a bit more, we know that the speech was a lot of Clear Politics. And those standing on the crowded floor understood his record also, and ignored the merit of his clearly political words. Unfortunately, the past is prologue.

It is being said that of the 19 Swift boat skippers pictured other than Kerry, 11 consider him unfit, 4 are neutral, two have died, and 2 are working with the Kerry campaign. Four other officers were not present for the photo session; all oppose Kerry. (Click: Swift boat picture, then make sure you place your pointer over the picture. It’s great.)

So, the question will be, Who is playing Clear Politics with the war hero?

And for those who were wondering: Yes, the BO is funky when you get that many people in a room, yelling, pumping their fists in the air. Oh yeah, the smell is funky.

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