Obama Policy: Use Government to Bankrupt

It is stunning that Obama's stated policy is to use government regulation to bankrupt entire industries. This is not an unintended consequence, this is his stated purpose! Hear us now, as the possibility of an Obama presidency looms, prepare for another depression, as you will soon be dreaming of what could have been only a recession:

This, as he states, is his policy! What do you people who support him think, "Well, he likes my business/industry?" If you do not stand up for other businesses and industries, who will stand up for yours? Are you so afraid the offending Obama that it is easier to support him?

It is stunning that Obama is on the precipice of victory after all of the things he has said. We really have become a sycophant culture.

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Justin Ferguson wrote:

You do not want to miss the fact that he also states that, under his plan, "electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket."

The Great Depression was nothing compared to what Barack Obama and the Democratic party will give us.
11/03/08 12:31:42

S Adams wrote:

What struck me about Obama's comment on bankrupting the coal Industry was that he was so cold and distant about thousands of people losing their job. He did not give one thought to adding to the unemployment rolls.

I have been comparing Obama's presidency to Jimmy Carter's second term, but the more I listen to him the more I think that he may actually be worse.
11/03/08 16:26:07

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