We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but there seems to be a lot of ranting that Barack Obama is at the root of all of our economic ills. Mr. Obama has not yet taken over the presidency. Blame must be placed on the big government, liberal government spending philosophy of George W. Bush, who is president right now and will be for a couple more months, no matter how much he appears to want to turn over the keys now.

For those who are fans of George W. Bush, be assured that Barack Obama will continue his big government, big spending, big business bailout policies. And as for the war(s), you can be assured he will maintain the status quo.

For those who wanted change: ha ha

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Hang in there lib, big daddy Obama is on his way, and the change is right beside him. Yes we are going right back where we were-Clintonville USA. After eight year's of President Bush keeping this country safe, and oh yea all of our wonderful service men and women. Big daddy O and slick willy and Hillary what more could we ask for we are on our way. We will just throw a bunch of money to our enemies and they might leave us alone for a few year's.
11/25/08 14:37:06

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