Bailout Does Not Mean Sacrifices

You would think, when a man has to gather the muster to ask for a handout he would appear his humblest. Apparently that is not necessary when you are asking the government and you just want some of the free money they are so generously raining on private enterprises.

GM and Ford say that it is a corporate decision to have their CEOs fly on private jets and that is non-negotiable, even as the companies say they are running out of cash.

Private jet travel is perhaps the greatest perk of all for CEOs, who say it allows them to travel more efficiently and safely, even in a recession.

They will negotiate on anything, except their private jets? Let's face, things apparently are not really that bad at the auto makers.

Why is the government getting involved in these things...oh yeah, they want to be all-powerful rulers.

posted at 14:56:15 on 11/19/08 by clearpolitics - Category: Economics - [Permalink]

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Jen wrote:

Everyone needs to write their representatives and tell them to vote "NO" to any auto industry bailout. This is getting out of hand. The Congress is going to do whatever they want unless people make their opinions heard like they did on the immigration issue, which we still need to be vigilant about. The people have forgotten, we have the power to vote these idiots out. Too many just vote for the incumbent in office. Speak up! Stop the handouts to million/billion dollar companies!
11/20/08 12:42:07

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