Financial Meltdown

The headlines are disturbing, but how long can we ignore [Read]:

Still Growing: Bailout Rises to $7.7 TRILLION

Treasury, Fed Said to Unveil Plan to Bolster Consumer Financing

Existing home sales fall, buyers sidelined

World's Most Expensive Homes Losing Market Value

Rogers Says Dollar Will Be Devalued
Russian analyst predicts decline and breakup of U.S.

Climate law 'could cost billions'
Brits to Stunt Recover w/ High Taxes
Is Britain going bankrupt?

Chinese banks to face test during economic crisis

Machines to do Wall Street's Bidding

Global regulators focus on abusive short selling

London, Tokyo, New York Office Rents Fall First Time Since '02

Mr. Obama’s Economic Advisers

General Motors Saves Money, Ends Deal w/Tiger Woods

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