Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

- Albert Einstein

Let’s Go To The Movies!

It is time for the weekend, so let’s have some fun. How about a movie? Movies are great, and generally apolitical, though, well, let’s just enjoy a good movie, or even a bad one. The mind needs a break from the bickering of politicians. Movies are safe, right?

The Day After Tomorrow, due out in late May, sounds interesting. Sure, bad science is allowed when you are making a movie, but what if that movie is a political statement? What if the producer/director calls the movie "a popcorn movie that's actually a little subversive?” Subversive movies can be great. Popcorn movies can be great. Movies can be great. So what is the big deal?

Apparently the movie is being embraced by some out in left field as a global warming documentary. Forget that the science is not only bad but a bit absurd, the movie’s genre description is “Action/Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy and Thriller.” Scientific Expose does not appear in the description. That must be an oversight, as no intelligent politician (oxymoron?) would embrace an action/adventure, science fiction/fantasy, thriller as a political position, right?

If a movie such as The Day After Tomorrow is embraced by a specific party and the producer/director admits to playing Clear Politics, what does that mean for the wannabe blockbuster? Well, people are not really that stupid. If the movie is fun they will see it and have a good time, ignoring the bad science like so many of the other items viewers overlook in movies. If the movie is preachy with doom and gloom, and bad science, then the studios have just wasted a lot of money on a bad piece of propaganda, and it will not have been the first or last time that has occurred. Either way, we will still go to movies.

If politicians are going to pick movies to represent their political views, perhaps we should start asking them their positions on specific movies.

What is your position on The Passion of the Christ? Was justice served?

Do you think Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind properly characterized the relationships between men and women, and what is your stance on erasing human memory?

Did you approve of the parents decisions in Johnson Family Vacation? If they can afford such a luxurious vacation are they paying their fair burden of societies expenses? Should they be saving for college?

In Man on Fire there seems to be a problem with kidnapping in Mexico. What are you going to do to prevent these actions in a foreign sovereign nation?

If they are going to play politics with movies, let’s make it Clear Politics.

Enjoy the weekend, and the movies if you dare.

Moulin Rouge, now that was a wonderful movie. No party embraced or distanced themselves from that movie. Hmmm, but I wonder what they really felt, what their real take on the movie was… excessive wealth… pre-marital sex… joy… love… happiness… tragedy… hmmmmm

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