I’m Gay, Dammit!

Gay? That is the reason that New Jersey’s Governor is going to resign. Apparently, he is so offended by his gayness, that he feels shamed into resigning. No one seems to really care that he is gay, except perhaps his wife and child, but being a good Democrat - and you know there stance on gays - he is resigning… in a couple of months.

A couple of months? Well, he can apparently control his gayness until November 15, at which time another Democrat can take his position without there being a special election. He’s taking one for the team. What a good guy, a good gay guy, a good gay Democrat guy. Too bad he is running himself out of office because of his personally unacceptable gayness.

What! You mean to tell me that there are ulterior motives to his resignation? You mean he is really resigning in a couple of months because there are a few allegations that he is corrupt? But why would a man, a gay man, a gay Democrat use gayness to hide corruption. Oh yeah, he’s a good Democrat who will use whatever and whoever to cover his ass.

I think we may have found the next Bill Clinton.

posted at 11:19:55 on 08/16/04 by clearpolitics - Category: The Cause - [Permalink]

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