An Obama Republican

The Obama administration's new transportation secretary is floating the idea of a tax on motorists based on how many miles they travel, not how much gas they use.

Ray LaHood says gasoline taxes can no longer be counted on to raise enough money to keep the nation's transportation system moving.

The new Transportation Secretary to whom they refer is "Republican" Ray LaHood. Is this "Republican's" concern the growth of government, the impingement of freedom? No, like every other politician these days, his concern raising more money for government, even if that means affixing every vehilce in the country with a tracking device so they know everything about your driving habits. Republican? Where?

It is us vs. them, with them being politicians from any party whose entire existence is the acquisition of your wealth and control of your person. Freedom needs to be the rallying cry.

FREEDOM! Anyone? Anyone? Freedom?

posted at 11:15:01 on 02/20/09 by clearpolitics - Category: Freedom - [Permalink]

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