Kamp Kerry Kollapsing

The weekend is here again, and it is always good to take a little time away from the clear politics of life always present for some entertainment, but what if Clear Politics is the best entertainment on the calendar for the weekend?

The best entertainment value for the weekend, guaranteed, will be the talking head shows with/and Kerry supporters. The are falling apart, desperate. They are losing it, big time. Snarling, yelling, challenging, and very, very, very angry. The funny thing is, the more they talk, the more revealing they become. More excuses, more foggy clarification, more obfuscation, more double-standards, more of their less, more Kerry.

Kerry said, “If President Bush wants a debate over our war records, then bring it on!”

Sounds pretty clear, he wants the election to be based on comparison of his Vietnam record versus that of the President. When one of his lackeys was asked if he was really challenging Bush on his National Guard service, the lackey said something like, “He meant our, as in him and his crew’s war record.” Huh? Sure, just like the memorable Christmas in Cambodia no longer occurred during Christmas. It’s all clear, as in Clear Politics.

Let the entertainment begin. This is going to get good…

(Anyone find it amusing that he, a liberal, is trying to get Unfit to Serve banned by booksellers? You’re right, that’s just scary, Scary Kerry.)

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