Quieting the Masses

Kerry complains about the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads. Bush says condemn them all, all 527 ads, but Kerry will not go there, nor should he.

527s are tax-exempt organizations that engage in political activities. There is no limite to the soft-money contributions that can be made to these groups, and who are the biggest supporters of the 527s? By far, the (D)emocrats. The top four 527s have already spent over $100,000,000 trying to defeat Bush.

Bush, leave them alone. Do not stop any of them. Let them all go to town, as we can sort out the truth. All it took was a small 527 like Swift Boat Vets to rattle Kerry’s cage, while $100,000,000+ has been spent attacking Bush and he is still standing. In our representative democracy, the people have a right to speak also, not just through the campaigns, but on their own. And if the (D)emocrats think the best way to help the common man, the little people they care so much about is to spend $100,000,000 trying to smear Bush, does not that tell you a little something about what they really care about, what they truly value?

If you really cared about the poor, truly cared, you could give 10,000 of them $10,000 with that $100,000,000, or you could spend it on something you really cared about, like attacking the President. The funny thing, when all is said and done, the poor will be hoodwinked again, and give their vote to those who really care… care only about regaining and yielding power.

Leave the 527s alone President Bush, we all have the right to be heard.

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