AIDS-free Porn!

It is a big industry. HUGE! And no one is looking go acquire AIDS, but do not worry, the government is coming in to save the day. It is time to regulate the porn industry, require condoms, because sex is risky, and without the government monitoring… blah, blah, blah…

California is in a huge fiscal mess, yet somehow the new public cause is the porn industry? And people still wonder what is wrong with big government? Please.

People do not want AIDS, and the porn industry has guidelines they have established, voluntarily, to protect against the spread of the disease, as, again, no one wants AIDS. (People are not as stupid as the nanny government wants us to please. They just make dangerous choices at times.) Since 1999, this is the first outbreak of AIDS in the porn industry. How many cases of AIDS have resulted from The White Party, a gay soiree in the desert held in the desert each year? Where’s the government there?

The government should be involved in our sexual activity! It is in our best interest! If it saves only one life, it is worth it! Where is the inspector? Is he on the set so we can begin shooting? He’s in the bathroom again? Someone clean the bathroom! Where’s the State Genitalia Inspector?

Choices, some are bad and some are good, but we all have the right to make them, even stupid, risky, deadly ones, unless, of course, we are all working units, property of the government. Then, it would appear, we must let our master make our decisions for us, to protect societal working units.

There is an organization called the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation. This is where they are doing the good work, and have done an excellent job of protecting the industry from AIDS. One outbreak of a handful of cases in five years? What kind of job would the government have done? Why are we talking about this?

Does anyone really believe there needs to be more involvement in the porn industry by government? If you think yes, is there anything you don’t think the government should be involved in, and have you ever had sex?

Offer your congratulations to Sharon Mitchell and the porn industry for coming up with a system to minimize the spread of disease, and helping others find a way to help themselves. Congratulate them for doing what the government never would have done as well, and without having you, the taxpayer, pay for servicing the porn industry. Congratulate them for doing something to protect others because they thought it was the right thing to do, not deciding something needed to be done and then working to get the government to do it. Congratulate them for having the courage to act.

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