Burn Cash

Carbon offsets are funny, because they are sooooooo stupid; the only thing dumber is the people purchasing the offsets.

When you purchase a carbon offset, you are transferring money to support another activity. Even if it is planting a tree, it will be a human based activity--trees do not spend or need money. So, if you really want to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce carbon activity, you must destroy wealth. Destroy your money and you will reduce activity, of course at the rate the government is printing you are going to have to destroy a loooot of money.

It is funny that those who think they need to save the planet--one of the dumbest statements ever coined--should really be committing suicide, and that all other action is in contradiction to their stated goal. In fact, it is how many of them make a living, accumulate and gain possessions (wealth), the exact opposite of their desire.

Are they stupid or dishonest? It has to be one or the other. And why are there not mass suicides at the alter of the planet?

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