Optimistic Oppression

Optimism is a beautiful creature, and that is what the (R)epublican party is selling at this week’s convention. However, the question to be asked is how can you sell optimism at the same time you are pushing repression?

The Bush campaign has sued the government to stop 527s, those groups that are working so hard and spending so much to put George in the unemployment line, as well as a successful little group that has helped the Bush campaign, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. How do you, why do you, try and stop free speech?

There are many arguments out there pro and con, yet not a single reasoned argument as to why there should be restriction on 527s, why there should be restrictions on this form of speech. So, leave them alone, and let the candidates continue to roll with the punches, as truth still rises to the surface.

You can not sell optimism, and the idea of smaller government, while at the same time quashing dissent. Oppression is not optimistic.

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