Obama Open to Bankruptcy with Totalitarian Based Reorganization

Well, the actual headline reads, "Obama open to newspaper bailout bill", but what is the difference? Another truly failed business model is looking to the government for help. (And people keep saying capitalism is failing? Without failure, capitalism does not exist!)

The president said he is "happy to look at" bills before Congress that would give struggling news organizations tax breaks if they were to restructure as nonprofit businesses. [Read]

Obama said he wanted change, but the truth appears to be that he wants a LOT MORE of the same. Those organization that have shown themselves loyal to government and curry the favor of politicians are receiving tax breaks, direct financial assistance and special treatment, increasing the solidifying hand of the government to better crush the individualists and freedom love citizens that once stood proud in this country.

It really seems like a good time for those who believe in freedom to begin to stand.

All of this while small business owners that tried to do right by their employees are getting the heavy hand of government:

Hundreds of small-business owners have been hit with similar penalties in connection with pension or benefit plans, says Alex Brucker of the Small Business Council of America, an association representing small firms on pension, tax and health-care issues. Hundreds more are likely to get hit with these penalties in the near future, he says. [Read]

Who are the morons that believe any of this is change? This is politics and we are getting bent over.

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