Label Thee

It is interesting how some people want, cling to, labels, but usually these are the labels they have given themselves to mask the truth behind the label. One of the most infuriating labels worn far to the left is progressive.


What is progressive about larger government?
What is progressive about more control over your life?
What is progressive about fostering dependency on a faceless bureaucracy?
What is progressive about less individual responsibility?
What is progressive about the always faltering system of socialism?
What is progressive about higher taxes?
What is progressive about speaking meaningless, empty ideas that dismiss facts and experience?
What is progressive about stupidity?

Yes, progressives also tend to support more freedom of choice, such as legalizing marijuana. Wonderful, it should be you choice to use your body how you wish, but would you be surprised that they would also have the government fund programs to get people off of drugs, and help people turn their lives around after using drugs? That is progress? Progress is understand people fall down, and some will not get back up, that some will fall through the cracks, and that will always be the case. Progress would be a bit of truth.

Progressiveís look at society from the top down, look at how government can better manage resources, no, not natural resources, but you. Progressive?

Next time you hear a (D)emocrat call themselves progressive, just remember that the have give you a short-cut to a well defined label: A fool who thinks they know what is best for you. One who does not understand freedom, individuality.

They want you to think they are noble, that they care. Really? Then get out of our way, and allow us to succeed and fail without your condescending guidance.

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