Tad Devine. Maureen Dowd. Kos. Really, they are not very nice people. Angry, bitter and snarling, but hey, it is their misery to live.

It is simple, and the fear we all sense in their words confirms expectations: George Bush will win the election, because when compared to John Kerry, there really is no choice. (Well, no choice with a chance of winning, though you should still vote your conscience.)

It is tiring, listening to the intellectual dishonesty on the left, so take this weekend and rest, expand the mind beyond politics, read some wisdom and find some joy. Bitterness is all the left seems to have to offer, so we are going to hear a lot more of it as the election approaches.

Remember when a (D)emocrat meant less government? If so, you have a long memory. When are they going to realize we, the people of this country, do not need them? All they seem to have to sell is misery, and how they can help us out of our misery, how we need to them to overcome misery.

Listen, we are not miserable. Sure, a few folks are, and a few folks always will be, but as a whole, as a people, we are not miserable. As a whole, as a people, we are optimistic, positive, believers, and what we believe in most is ourselves, each other, not the government.

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