The FDA Said it Was Good?

There more control we seem to cede, the more we realize they already have:

The new study found that a prescription version of the drug niacin, used in different forms for half a century, reduced artery plaque significantly better in eight months than ezetimibe, the active ingredient in both Vytorin and Zetia.

Patients in the ezetimibe group also suffered more heart attacks and other major heart problems than those in the niacin group, but the numbers were too small to draw conclusions, says the lead author, Allen Taylor, of the Washington (D.C.) Hospital Center.

Are we to understand a drug that has sucked billions of medical dollars out of the system (your pocket) does not work as well as niacin? You really should not leave the responsibility for your health to anyone, except yourself.

"The question is whether ezetimibe works at all," Taylor says. "Niacin has been around for 50 years. It's a well-understood drug, and in this trial it was a clear superior choice." [Same Story Above]

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