Go To Hell, Zell

Sound a bit harsh? Well, it seems that is the stance of fellow (D)emocrats toward Zell Miller for the speech he gave at the (R)epublican convention.

Have we had enough Clear Politics from the “great leaders” of the past, like Jimmy Carter? The most important issue to Jimmy Carter is apparently party loyalty. Now there is some great depth.

Whether of not you agree with Zell’s speech, he gave a speech, as a (D)emocrat, that he believed. Wouldn’t we be better off if politicians expressed their own thoughts, views, whether or not they agreed with the party? If you must be in lock-step with the party, then the people really in charge are the party chieftains – people we do not elect.

Say what you want about Zell, but without question, no matter which party you think has the most to offer, we would all be better off with politicians who spoke their minds, told the truth as they see it, so we could better understand the real views of those we choose to represent us.

Sorry, Jimmy, but with all of your brilliance, you are wrong. The country is not a group of fools who must fall in line with their party, it is a group of individuals who disagree on many issues, and often have tolerance for differing views. This is a country that can decipher truth from mindless party loyalty. Your party, all parties, would benefit from a greater dialog – in fact, we would probably all do better off if parties were obsolete, but that will not happen.

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