As it becomes more clear even to those who refused to consider the possibility that man is not the driving force behind nature, a visit to a prescient episode of South Park is in order. Yes, it is time to revisit ManBearPig...we're serial.

For further discussion of the topic of the day, Climategate, may we suggest the "Junk Science" analysis:

...we're going to apply our guide to identifying whether a given field is a legitimate field of scientific study or if it the field in question qualifies as being "junk science" or a "pseudoscience" to the information that was revealed in the public exposure of the Climatic Research Unit's (CRU) previously shielded e-mails and data. We're going to go line by line through our guide to see if the conduct and practices of the scientists involved in the scandal qualifies as science, pseudoscience, or if no such determination can be made with the available evidence. [Read]

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