Brought to you by the letter D, not as in deep.

Nighttime entertainment and political television can be boring and/or interesting, but political talkshows are usually a good commercial filler when channel surfing. Wait. This night, one of the guests on Dennis Miller is Jenna Jameson talking about her new book. This is not filler, this is a show.

Dennis Miller has a pretty good show, a great show when compared to the screaming, rude, ranting lunacy of Chris Matthews’ Hardball. This show was especially entertaining, as viewers learned a great deal about the “world renowned” (?) actor Jay Thomas. It is fun to learn about people.

What we know about Jay:

- Jay is angry, very angry.
- Jay feels your pain.
- Jay will always be a (D)emocrat, his whole life, no matter what. (At least we know why he does not think: it is not required when all you have to know is the fourth letter of the alphabet.)
- Jay thinks his verbiage is more important than Jenna Jameson. (No, Jay, no.)
- Jay has guilt about being white.
- Jay is angry.
- Jay is not bothered by facts or reason.
- Jay thinks knows he can kick Dennis Miller’s ass.
- Jay does not think John Kerry is running a good campaign – mistakes have been made.
- Jay will never vote for a (R)epublican, as the letter R is way to deep in the alphabet.
- Jay believes that (D)emocrats can help black people.
- Jay is angry.
- Jay is not sure if he can take Joseph C. Phillips. He thinks he can with a little help, but it looked like he was being modest, he thinks he can now. (My money is on Joseph.)
- Jay likes the letter D.
- Jay is a (D)emocrat, an angry (D).

If – and this is a big if because Jay is such a “real man” – he and someone such as myself don’t agree, would a fight with this macho man prove who is right, correct? Does that mean if a pencil necked geek such as myself
kicked his badass
he would concede his ignorance? If this is the case, I’ll put my pansy ass on the line for the fight against ignorance. Now there is a cause we can all get behind, a notional war on ignorance, which clearly could not be sponsored by the government.

Actually, he insulted Jenna, and that little girl is tough. I bet she could take badass Jay Thomas.

Today had been brought to you by the letter D, a letter really close to the beginning of the alphabet, so why go further if you do not have to, or if you cannot. D, let’s just stop there, class.

Who wins a good old fashioned throw down between George and John, mano a mano?

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