Easy to be conservative, as 1+2=3...

There may be no more enlightening and easy a time to be a conservative, especially a libertarian conservative, in modern times than today. Why? Simple:


"Surely you jest," you say, "1+2 has always equaled 3." Indeed it has, but can you think of a time in modern history when so many people believe 1+2=0?

Think about the growth of government, at all levels. The economy has dramatically hit the individual, yet government has grown, especially the federal government. Government has grown without regard for the ability of the government to pay for its growth. The current administration comprised of executive and legislative branches led by politicians with a (D) have passed budgets with trillion dollar shortfalls and submit that this will be the status quo for the next decade. Not one single pro government has shown a viable path to avoiding fiscal disaster, even when considering evil VAT taxes and higher personal taxes. None.

Here is a question. I come to you at the beginning of the month and ask for money.

The 1st: Give me a dollar. ($1)
2nd: I want a dollar more than you gave me yesterday. ($2)
3rd: You gave me $2 yesterday, give me another. ($3)
4th: You gave me $3, plus $2. ($5)
5th: 5+3=8. I want eight today. ($8)
6th: You can handle the $8, and I want $5 on top. ($13)
You can handle these numbers, can't you.
Day 14: Where's my $1,597?
Day 31: You owe me $3,524,578, for the day.

Growth in spending always accelerates unless it is pounded with a tight fist. When a government plans on borrowing a trillion plus dollars every year, on top of the borrowing it has previously done, one day, who knows which day, there will be no money to borrow. The US dollar will become a third world currency, rightly so.

It makes for interesting conversations with (D)s these days--there is no need to besmirch all liberals, because it is (D)emocrats--when you ask them where this is headed? Some are dumb enough to believe 1+2=0, but most just say, "Who cares what 1 plus 2 equals?" The most fun comes when you ask them how they can really care about their fellow citizen when they are turning them into a slave for the government and how, in good conscience, contribute to the bankrupting of a nation, which will lead to a diminution of services for all of those they proclaim to care about. Inevitably, you have to tell them, "Actually, if you look at the logical conclusion, it would appear your support of all of this could be considered evil, since you know where it leads. And, by they way, do you think it is right to put all of this on future generations, or is that part of the evil act?"

Who could have guessed 1+2=3 would add up?

As always, being conservative just means you have the ability, the intelligence to understand the consequences of your actions.

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Kaitlyn wrote:

Weren't republicans, notably the Bushs, all for cutting taxes and increasing spending when they were in office? Both parties just want to stay in power and the only way to stay in power is to give the public what it wants and what the public wants is everthing, absolutly everthing, for free. THAT's why 1, 2, and 3 are adding up to the trillions. Change the people, not the party.
03/19/10 14:39:36

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