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It is amazing that there are those out there that believe government is the solution and not the problem. The fact that the current administration thinks it is the government's role to get involved in whether or not you improve the weatherization in your house is bad enough, but then they do it at the government cost of $57,362 per home?! And this is a good idea to whom?

The Energy folks did tell ABC they've so far spent 522-million Recovery Act dollars on the program. So, let's see, about 9,100 homes divided into that chunk of stimulation change to believe in is -- gee! -- about $57,362 worth of very expensive weatherstripping for each home fixed up so far. [Read]

There are billions allocated to this program. With decisions like this, do you really believe him when President Obama says he is haunted at night by his concerns over the deficit?

BTW: This is another one of the programs that will cause all of our taxes to be increased. YOU are going to pay for this. Yes, YOU.

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