The issues are?

Bush never said, “I served, so vote for me,” yet that is what Kerry said when he stated he was “reporting for duty.” Bush’s service has never really been much of a tractionable issue, but they are still trying. You really have to wonder why.

Why, after four years as President, are the (D)emocrats focusing on Bush’s reserve duty? Is there not enough in the last four years to attack? Let us suggest, for arguments sake, that he has been a great leader, should he be thrown aside for being a drugged alcoholic duty dodger if he has demonstrated that he can lead? The electorate is not that stupid, they know who is running the country, so attack his record. There are spots of vulnerability, but no one cares that he was in the guard.

For some reason, Kerry wants the election to be a referendum on who served more honorably during the Vietnam era. If that is all he has to go on, Kerry’s record as a member of congress must be worse than anyone can imagine.

Kerry would be doing much better today if he did not campaign at all, and at this rate, he may campaign himself to loses in the gimme states of New York and California.

Someone asked the other day how Kerry has made it this far. (Yeah, that’s right, they had never been to Massachusetts before.)

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