Who Listens?

It is clear that the politicians in Washington are not interested in representing the citizenry of this country, nor in upholding the Constitution or maintaining the viability of this republic. Uncontrolled, irresponsible spending that has already guaranteed to bankrupt our kids and grandkids and deny them the ability to make decisions beyond austerity plans, because this government has decided to steal from the people and build monuments to there feelings.

Unemployment benefits are granted for more than a year, while the self-employed get nothing--which do you think will work harder to succeed? It feels good to help people with never ending unemployment benefits and home mortgage modifications and health insurance, because it shows you care? But what is it you care about when you bankrupt an entire country? What do you care about when you steal from your grandchildren because you want to be liked by constituents? What do you care about when you force the future to suffer at your hand while you not only refuse to suffer but demand more? Care? No, you don't care.

To lead, to do the right thing is not always fun, and people may not like you, and you may wish you could do otherwise, but the right thing is what you do because you care about the future of your country, of your children's country, your grandchildren's country. To lead you would have to tell the citizenry that as nice as it may feel to give, it is time to be responsible, and until we get our finances in order, we must take away. This will not feel good, but it is the right thing. But does anyone care.

This country is sliding down a slippery slope, quickly, because we are absent leaders. No one is willing to tell us the truth, to make the hard decisions, instead they are focused on acquiring assets and power for themselves. The government is at war with the future, and the future has no chance.

The ship is sinking, but the captain and crew are too busy looting the ship to bother with righting the ship.

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