No Greece, (D)emocrats to Unions

It looks like (D)emocrats are not complete sellouts to Unions, well at least some Democrats. Written by a (D) in California:

It's time for Democrats, even liberal Democrats, to start looking at unions and unionism with deep skepticism. [Read]

Do you know anyone retiring just after turning 50 who is not self-made? Then you know a union worker, because only in the union world do people retire near 50. Real people actually work until they are 65 or later. In fact, most of these young union retirees go out and get another job, sometimes long enough to collect another retirement. But if you mention to a union member they retire at 60 or 65, and you have said fighting words.

California is again trying to address their retirement issue for government workers, which is bankrupting the state much like Greece, and there has been opposition. To put it bluntly, anyone who opposes a normalization of the retirement age of government workers has complete disregard for the success of society so they can have a few dollars more in their pocket.

The ponzi scheme is not sustainable, but for some that is the future's bankruptcy, and they want what they have not earned now!

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