Insincere, noooooooo… Yellow Kerry, though.

Lance Armstrong’s WearYellow campaign to help people living with cancer is fine, and you can see the yellow wrist bands in a lot of places, including the wrists of two very, very, very wealthy men – men who could donate hundreds of millions of dollars to a charity such as this and still live among the top 1% in the country. Do not worry, they are keeping their money, but they are wearing the wristband. (No, not Bush and Cheney. Bush and Cheney are not that wealthy.)

Yellow Kerry

When you see two people who want attention for being good people without having to do anything more than wearing a symbol, it cheapens the symbol, but hey, these guys will do anything for a vote.

Does anyone think that John Kerry or John Edwards would be wearing $1 yellow wristbands – which they probably did not purchase themselves – if they were not running for office? Really?

Come on, we are not stupid. Cynical, sure. (D)umb, no.

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