Bothersome? Anyone?

Does it not bother any of Kerry’s loyal Kool-aid drinkers that the Swifties have been proved correct, accurate, truthful? The evidence shows that Kerry’s loyals and their unknowledgeable professions of knowing defense on all of the talking head shows was deceit carried on his behalf. Bothersome? Anyone?

A couple of things we know for sure:

- Kerry has no problem with the non-truth, today or 30+ years ago.

- He was playing Clear Politics with the Vietnam war at the time, and 30+ years later, he is still playing. (It’s just his game, friends. Just his game)

The real question the loyal will be asking is, “Where is the Kool-aid?”

Whatever you want to say about Bush and his record, he surely was not playing Clear Politics with his record at the time for the benefit of a future political career.

Do not worry, this will change nothing, as truth will never interfere with the righteousness of the cause, and the evidence will be dismissed. (As the evidence that Dan Rather perpetrated an anti-Bush hoax on CBS is dismissed.)

Do you think Chris Matthews will apologize for ripping all of those guests as he tried to defend Kerry? Me neither.

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