The natural progress of things is for government to gain ground and for liberty to yield.

- Thomas Jefferson


This is the economic report Obama and his administration are touting?

"This report is a sign that our economy is getting stronger by the day," Obama said during a visit to a trucking firm in suburban Maryland. [Read]

Of the jobs created, 411,000 are temporary government employees (census workers) and 41,000 are from the private sector. This is good? The taxes and efforts of 41,000 people are going to pay the salaries of 411,000? If this is good, why does this administration simply hire everyone who is unemployed and pay them more than they would be paid in the dead private sector.

The economy is in trouble, and our leaders have their heads so far up their *#%#* they think it is normal. They burden we are placing on our future citizens is criminal.

Anyone who supports the fiscal policies of this government must have no understanding of economics, which means you too could win a Nobel prize like Paul Krugman. (The key word is Keynesian. If one is a Keynesian economist, they believe in the fantasy of government as an engine, not what history has demonstrated.)

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