Do you? Well, do you?!

Do you beat your wife?
Do you cheat on your wife?
Do you engage in sodomy?
Do you molest your children?
Do you molest other people’s children?
Do you beat your elderly parents?

And when one answers, “No,” the response will be: “When did you stop.”

It is quite amazing that Dan Rather and his well compromised network, CBS, believe that the asking of the question deserves an answer, simply because he deems it so.

“Forget that the documents are a fraud, just answer the questions the fraudulent documents raise,” seems to be what he is saying, but what is he saying to those who question his story. (Yes, (D)an, there are many some -- OK, most people believe the documents you base your hard hitting news story on are false.)

Try to discuss the issue with (D)an and he will tell you to go jump off a ship and get out of his ugly mug. Who are you to question him?

(D)an, we have the right to question you, just as you have the right to question the President. You also have the right to ignore questions, as does the President, but to all we will ascribe motives.

Dan! Dan! Over here. I can have some documents made, if you want, but I just have one question. Yeah, uh, will you go on the record and tell us if you are currently involved in the molestation of young boys?

No? That’s a “no”? Okay, then, could you tell us when you stopped.

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