Watching one of those government appointees discuss economics on television forced a question: Where did this idiot come from?

With the advent of this great communications platform, it took little time to research the history of the government official, and to the surprise of no one, the history showed not a day of employment in the private sector. College was attended due to a special government program, and from there it was an assistant to an official, to holding one office after another until their current appointment in this administration. After discovering this information, it was understandable that the village idiot discussing policy did not understand the economic situation they were discussing.

Economics is about inputs and outputs, understanding how inputs and outputs equate. When someone works in business, they are aware of the full of the equation, knowing what happens when the equation is not balanced. Businesses must balance the equation, or they will go under. Only government can run with the equation out of balance, demanding money without having to earn and/or spending far more than they take in, but only for a period of time, as eventually even government collapses--but this is rare and when it does happen it is bad and necessary, though along the way government largess gets in the way of business success, but that is for another conversation. The point is, how can you can you expect someone to understand and discuss something when they have only seen half of the equation?

Halfers,that is what we have in our governments, and we have put them there. We have placed people in charge with NO business experience who have appointed like minded people with NO business experience. (BTW: Theory cannot replace experience.) You cannot place people who only understand half of the equation in economics (or war, biology, rocket science, etc.) in charge and expect them to not only understand what is going on and why there is a problem but how to find a solution. They only know half of the equation. We are putting halfers in office.

Halfers, our creation and our problem, because too many of us do not understand the full of equations; like them, we prefer nice sounding theory to truth. Halfers are not the answer, halfers are the problem. Don't be a halfer, and don't support halfers. In fact, if you have the opportunity, educate a halfer--easier said than done, because so many are half-witted.

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