Government Fix

When you turn to government for solutions to the morass you have in a broken private sector, you get an even greater morass. Take a moment to read how your government and its bureaucracy went out of their way to harm people after hurricane Katrina. Read Katrina a tale of SBA failure, it is not what you think. (It is not about how the government was not there in a time of need, it is how your government was there and screwed over its citizens, with malice of forethought.)

You cannot blame Bush anymore than the people in the article can blame their supervisors. You do not go bad and screw over your fellow citizen for a secure government paycheck because your boss said to, unless that is who you are already. And what are the consequences for government ineptitude and immorality? The usual; no consequences and continued paychecks and benefits for the government's loyal soldiers of fortune.

If you do not see what is in store for government run healthcare, you have chosen to be blind, or are incredibly stupid.

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