Why the Warren Hate?

Warren vows end to "tricks" with consumer agency [Read]

There seems to be a lot of hate toward Elizabeth Warren coming from the (R)ight, but we would like to be enlightened as to why? We have seen a lot of interviews with her and she seems to be one of the more reasonable people in Washington; someone who is not looking to take from the American citizen to give to another or to give herself more power, but to protect the consumer for unscrupulous business practices. Yes, she is an Obama worker, which automatically makes her suspect, but when you listen to her to speak again and again you realize she seems to want to keep Americans from getting screwed by the fine print. Everything she has said is in line with her assault on "tricks and traps".

Are those opposed to her supportive of the way businesses engage in deceptive and manipulative practices with customers? Integrity is not a party issue, and it is clear many business do their best to screw their customer, especially in the arena of finance. Fine print is not the way to do business, yet if financial institutions were to slip into the fine print the requirement you work for them 12 hours a week for free, nearly everyone would agree because they would not notice. These institutions should be up front with their customers, not constantly changing terms trying to gouge their customer. Is there any other arena where businesses are able to do this to their customer with impunity?

If Elizabeth Warren want to put an end to "tricks and traps", what is the problem with that? Are conservatives in support of "tricks and traps"? Are we missing something here?

BTW: Wall Street is the biggest recipient of government largess. They are the puppeteers behind the economic morass we find ourselves living, and seem to be accountable for nothing.

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