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Don't Take MY Power

What does a politician who has tasted the sweet nectar of Washington DC do when they are defeated in a primary? Anything they can to keep power.

"I've got folks back in Washington, D.C., right now that are saying, 'Well, Lisa was a pretty reasonable person, and now she just seems like a renegade,'" Murkowski said. "I'm putting my personal reputation (at stake), which, as a public figure, that is so much of who you are. But also, what people need to remember is, yeah, I'm nice, I'm likable. But I'm also a fighter for my state. And I'm not going to sit back and say Alaskans should not have a choice. I'm going to give that, and I'm willing to take personal risk in order to do so." [Read]

Lisa Murkowski is deeply concerned that she will no longer be able to sip the sweet nectar of Washington DC.

Marion Barry was a crack addict; Lisa Murkowski is a power addict. Marion Barry's crack usage hurt Marion Barry. Lisa Murkowski's power addiction hurts everyone.

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