They Get It?

Too many people do not seem to understand that the more government you have the less freedom you have. In an op-ed piece in the WSJ, it sounds like Jim DeMint gets the message:

When you are in Washington, remember what the voters back home wantóless government and more freedom. [Read]

As previously mentioned, a mass of Californians and New Yorkers do not want freedom, but that is because freedom takes individuals with strength and courage in their convictions, not groupthink. Groupthink is so easy, anyone can do it! (Thankfully, most of us are not interested and prefer to think on our own. Oh, the burden of effort, and the beauty of realization.)

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Earthlink wrote:

I'm not sure Obama "gets it" even yet. As I listened to his post-election reactions, per his usual modus operandi, he saw the election results as almost anything but what it actually was. Then he leaves for his G-20 meeting, lands in India and immediately apologizes for America again, as he proposed economic policies that left the East cold. I fear that he shall maintain his same ideaologies that have already brought this Nation to its knees. The 3 week lame duck legislative session should give us a peek into the next 2 years, and I fear it will not be pretty.
11/12/10 09:01:00

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