Remembering Schwarzenegger

When thinking of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his term as a poor governor of California, think of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a man, and think of this young man:

Luis Santos

This young man died because of a political ally's son. The son of (D)emocrat Fabian Nunez is responsible for the killing of this young man and pled out, receiving a sentence of 16 years. One of Schwarzenegger's last acts as governor was to have that sentence reduced to 7 years.

Do you think if his son had been murdered the sentence would be reduced? Would it have been only 16 years? What if it was at the hands of a political ally?

Republican. Democrat. It makes no difference, as politicians look out for politicians, especially when they stand for nothing but themselves.

For those who wonder about the man, Schwarzenegger has again clearly revealed his character...he truly is a Kennedy.

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Justin wrote:

Let's not forget: Schwarzenegger picks interior decorator for lucrative post
01/04/11 13:01:44

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