Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't.

- Mark Twain


There are problems with our society. It is clear we have strayed from the tenets of freedom and liberty, but we struggle to right the ship. The underpinnings of a free society is a free-market economy, which has been infected by crony-capitalism in our country--the government in bed with 'winners' supported via a quid pro quo system. But for the incredible fools who still think socialism and communism are viable answers, remember what you get with those systems:

Cambodia genocide: Khmer Rouge trio go on trial

If you need it a little simpler, read up on Joseph Stalin's Great Purge.

Now name a free society where the leadership executes it citizenry en masse?

And yet, you will still have proponents of murderously miserable political systems.

(As to our problems, watch: Solyndra Is “Tip of the Iceberg”...)

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