Strange, but have you noticed that the people that are asking you to save energy and the environment for future generations are the same people who have no problem foisting financial burdens of ruin upon future generations?

Remember, it is not what one says but what one does that demonstrates who they are.

"To you, future generations, we give a country that is a national park with the rules and regulations to ensure it is to remain a park forever. By the way, we needed to live comfortably while creating this park, so we have left you with enough financial burden to bankrupt the next three generations. You're welcome."


"But what?! Don't be ingrates! Don't you see how much we cared, the sacrifices we made?"

You cared only about yourselves. I have to work my life paying for your dream? I have to work my life without having a dream of my own?

"How could your dream be different than ours?"

Because I care about my children, and I do not think it is responsible for me to burden them with my dreams.


You are evil. If I left this legacy to future generations, I would be ashamed, and you are proud. But for you to recognize that you would have to care about something other than yourself, and clearly the core competency of your generations was ignorance.

"How dare you."

How dare you.

"If we would have known you would feel this way, we would not have sacrificed."

Sacrificed? You would not have sacrificed us? Another lie, for then you would have had to have been responsible.

"Don't you see how we cared."

Yes, completely. You cared about nothing but yourselves.

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