California Votes to Not Bully...Barely

What is bullying if not picking on those that are different, those with perceived weakness? When California asked the voters to vote for a $1/pack cigarette tax (Prop 29), to bully those who smoke, they asked that the bullying be done in the name of compassion, in the cause of funding cancer research. Is this that different than religious groups picking on gays in the name of saving their souls from damnation? Both believe they are doing their bullying out of compassion, yet it is bullying.

Bullying in the name of good under the banner of the state is far worse than one person bullying another, because when the state sanctions the bullying as acceptable it is excused and adds a clause of permissibility to the practice. California decided not to bully those who smoke...barely.

Prop 29 Loses

posted at 15:00:25 on 06/06/12 by clearpolitics - Category: Freedom - [Permalink]

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