We have been asked why we have not been more vocal regarding the presidential campaign, which is a reasonable question. The answer is simple: If you have to consider such an obvious choice, how can we help you see the light.

It was our belief 4 years ago that Barack Obama was not qualified. He has spent the last 4 years demonstrating his ineptitude and indifference. He has gone out of his way to make it exceedingly clear to the American voter that he does not know what he is doing and does not care to do what is expected of the president of the United States. Have you missed this? Has anyone missed this?

The finances of this country will destroy the country from within, if not addressed immediately. We have burdened our children, grandchildren and future generations with debt that will enslave them--yes, this government is enslaving its own. As adults, we do not seem to be holding ourselves accountable or our government accountable, we seem to just be asking for more, and forcing future generations to foot the bill. This is not only wrong, it is evil. And for whom is this okay?

- The choice is between a man who does not want to lead, does not know how to lead, and has nowhere to lead versus a man who has demonstrated he can lead, is willing to lead in difficult times, and knows the responsibility of the job.

- The choice is between a man who does not understand economics and thinks it beneath him to entangle himself in real world economics (he was going to half the deficit but instead went for a double) versus a man who prospered by taking companies that were failing and turning them into successful enterprises.

- The choice is between a slow death and a future.

If you see none of this, there is nothing for us to offer. Obama has been a horrible president, which is not debatable. (For those who say such a statement is racist, it is so only if you believe his failure is due to his race, whereas we believe his failure is due to his ability, much like Thomas Sowell has stated.)

Democrats like to make themselves feel good by pretending they care, but what thinking person does not see through their worn, self-serving veil? You do not care about anyone when you turn future generations into slaves for the government for your wants now...anyone except yourself, that is. What big dreams will future generations have? What progress will they make as a society? They will not get a chance to find out because we have presented them with a bill they must pay, we have sent future generations to debtors prison, because we wanted more than we could pay for now.

If you are unsure of whom to vote for next week, you are the problem. If you are voting for Obama, you want something from others, something you feel owed and is the responsibility of future generations, you are a spoiled child throwing a tantrum.

Let us say you own a nice, profitable family business that provides for your family and others in the community. Now let us say that you have a terminal disease and must pick someone to run your business, keeping it moving forward, profitable, to provide for your family, and you do not feel you can pick a family member. The future of your business, your family's livelihood is in the hands of the person you pick for the job, and you end up with two candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Who would you choose to run your business for you family's well being when you are gone?

The United States of America needs to pick a leader as if it matters to our future, not as if they we are voting for "Most Likely to Wear the Latest Fashion" in the highschool yearbook.

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