Fear the Shutdown!

Actually, do not fear the shutdown, chant for more: "Shutdown! Shutdown! Shutdown!"

Nice little opinion piece: Stubborn democrats escaping all the blame in shutdown

But we have some thins to say as well:
Has anyone noticed how the Federal Government is using the National Park System and its police (Weapon carrying, law enforcing police for parks!?) to inflict pain on the American citizenry? They are not the government's parks, they are OUR parks. Our use of our national parks should in no way be incumbent upon your permission or oversight. Get out of the way and let us use our parks. THEY ARE OUR PARKS!!!! A mountain needs the government for its beauty to be enjoyed? Do not look at the Grand Canyon without the government's approval, for the government created the beauty? Those who believe life's beauty flows from the loins of government are the tragedy of our sorrow.

"Shutdown! Shutdown! Shutdown!"

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