Psychic Presidents

Today, the Bush administration is being attacked for not having the information released in the Comprehensive Report of the Special Advisor to the DCI on Iraq’s WMD.

Since George Bush is not psychic, elect John Kerry, who voted to support Bush’s action at the time, since he is apparently not psychic either? That makes sense?

The report
is a thousand pages, so has been broken into sections. Remember, like the 9/11 report, you have already paid for it, now you can download it for free.

Key Findings

Volume 1
Charles Duelfer's Transmittal Message
Scope Note
Regime Strategic Intent
Regime Finance and Procurement

Volume 2
Delivery Systems

Volume 3
Iraq's Chemical Warfare Program
Biological Warfare
Glossary and Acronyms

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Thinkfirst wrote:

Do you suggest that it makes sense that Bush ignored senior military advisers (and his own father) that he think carefully before invading a country he knew nothing about? Aside for the correctness or incorrectness of invading before exhausting ALL other paths,as he promised, he failed militarily to have a plan to responsibly deal with the aftermath of the invasion. Over 1100 troop deaths, 1000's of life-altering injuries,the stability of our economy, and the safety of all Americans is the price paid for Bush's arrogance.
10/24/04 15:16:52

Realthink wrote:

Does this mean Bush's senior military advisors all had the same opinion and that he ignored them all. Or, as does usually happen, he got varying opinions and made decisions based on them.

When considering ALL options to invasion, perhaps he should have joined the kickbacks for oil program with our loyal French friends.

Finally, based on your criteria for post war failure, Truman would have been the creator a complete catastrify, even after factoring in the porportional size difference of the operations.

People who assume Bush's intentions are other than what he has said are the arrogant ones.

I hope Kerry wins, I want to see how the pansy approach against terrorism works out. Peace.
10/25/04 16:37:41

Prunes4Kerry wrote:

If Kerry wins we get Teresa, now that would be fun. Pansy and Prune.

10/25/04 17:24:25

Dimitri wrote:

Kerry is a pandering two face liar. God help us if he wins. Bush is not the best president nor is he the worst, but at least he has balls. Something that comes in handy after 3,000 people are murdered at the Trade Towers. What a short memory for you democrats, or don't you care?
11/02/04 15:21:13

Fili wrote:

Nor do we see many Republicans weeping for dead Iraqis. Then again, we don't count Iraqi bodies, do we? Maybe that's the problem...
06/22/05 00:35:06

Consider it all wrote:

Course, we don't see jihadists weeping for the children at the Tower day care, who of all people had absolutely nothing to do with the conflict the jihadis percieve.
People die in conflicts, participants and observers. Revolutionary War? Civil War? Lots of our own people died there as well who were bystanders or neutral parties, killed by, of all people, their own neighbors and fellow citizens.

Yup. Maintain that moral high ground while they say 'Burn 'em all, let God/Allah sort them out.' Those who oppose what the US is and stands for will still oppose the US, regardless of how much weeping is done.
04/17/06 12:50:43

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