ACLU Non-partisan?

Both sides of the isle have had their nasty comments about the ACLU, often disagreeing with them, slamming their stances. Both sides? This may really be a non-partisan group.

Who would have thought Rush Limbaugh would have the ACLU rush to his side in a time of need, as a supporter of his rights? This is the same ACLU who is coming out against parts of the PATRIOT Act. They protect on-line free speech, as well as anonymity. They have a rational understanding of the failed war on drugs, which is really a war on the citizens of this free land. They have fought asset forfeiture laws. They protect vociferously your right to free speech, even if you have nothing worth saying. In many ways, we would be served well to have the ACLU in the White House.

Letís be clear, if you believe in freedom, the PATRIOT Act is flawed. If you believe you must give up some of your freedom for security, you are flawed. Freedom is risky, is supposed to be risky, and always will be risky. Anything less is more of the growing government we are getting from both sides of the isle. For those who believe in freedom, there is no choice between the two candidates, but there is hope that the ACLU will be around to keep getting between the government and their invasion of the privacy you should be demanding.

It does make you wonder, do they extend this same stance on freedom to taxation? Because, in order to be truly free, you must have the ability to be free of the governmentís undue burden. One should not be obligated to carry they weight of another, it is an undue obligation.

They arenít perfect, but it is a good thing for all of us that they are here, fighting.

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