When you look at the political discussion arena, you find a great disparity in how politics is addressed on the left and the right. On the right, you find talk shows -- television/audio outlets -- discussing and analyzing issues. On the left, you find comedy shows with skits and one-liners addressing issues flippantly. The right owns talk shows and the left owns comedy outlets. The question: Why?

If you do not want to give a dismissive answer, you have to observe both platforms and look at the audiences they are addressing. On the right, any position held will be attacked, so such positions must have underlying critical merit or the position will be destroyed inside and outside those within a similar political sphere. On the left, issues cannot be addressed intellectually because they do not tend to hold up to scrutiny -- still pushing socialism with proof of failure abound -- but if you mock your opponent, belittle them with a one-liner, you silence the weak of mind who get to laugh and point across the aisle with you and say, "They are so stupid. We are so smart." But where is the discourse? Where is the pursuit of a better answer?

With the election of Trump, even issues once supposedly held by the left are gone. They used to be for the idea of free speech and opposed to the police state, but now that silencing opponents and a big police state may help the left, they are all in. Was there discourse in a change in fundamental principals? No. The left just started making fun of people that hurt their cause, period. There is no belief, just a desire for victory, power. Power to use in an specific way, to gain freedoms for the citizenry? No, just simple, corruptible power. The left's only principle these days seems to be the acquisition of power in one all-powerful leader. Again, history has shown us well where that leads.

Listen to conservative talk with one who agrees and a one who does not. Dialog, it should be interesting. Watch comedy with one from the right and the left and see if it is funny or shallow? But do not watch with someone you care about if you are a deep thinker, because your view of their intelligence when they laugh gutturally at "Trump is orange!" will cause you to lose respect beyond any ability to simply dismiss them as uninformed.

Always ask yourself what is really going on when someone refuses to discuss an issue, and when someone makes you a punchline for a joke or claims they are hurt by your beliefs, they are really making one simple statement: I cannot and will not address these issues.

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